If you are working in food safety, detection limits are one of your daily concerns.
Have you ever thought about vials and closures and how important they are to achieving those set detection limits?

Whether you're working with phthalates, pesticides, PAHs, or some other compound, we have the solution for you!

Here are seven big reasons to try Thermo Scientific's vials and closures:

  1. Vials and closures are composed of inert materials
  2. All materials are clean and sterile
  3. Tight seals equal a low evaporation rate
  4. Certified kits for LC and GC methods
  1. Particle-reduced, MS-certified vials
  2. Large selection, including micro volume vials
  3. Special vials for protocols such as headspace sampling and SPME

We offer many different vial and closure solutions for your food testing needs, including unique aluminum caps and septa for phthalates. Are you interested in trying our certified kits and selections? Please fill out the form below for more information about our sampling offer.

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**This free test offer for vials and septa is valid in Europe (except Czech Republic), the Middle East and Africa regions only and expires on June 30, 2018. Local restrictions may apply.Each user can order one free vial and/or septa package.