Molecular Cloning Workflow Tools and Resources
From restriction enzymes to sample analysis, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of tools and resources that help you save time and money while obtaining high-quality cloned DNA to accelerate your next discovery.

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Accelerate your cloning workflow

Cloning solutions selection guide

TOPO Cloning

5-minute, room-temperature cloning with no gel purification or post-PCR modifications & up to 95% recombinants with TOPO cloning.

FastDigest Restriction Enzymes

An advanced line of restriction enzymes and DNA-modifying enzymes in a complete one-buffer system for simplified cloning.


Competent cells selection guide

Chemically Competent Cells

Chemically competent cells are an ideal solution for general cloning and subcloning application.

Electrocompetent Cells

Electrocompetent cells provide a reliable, high efficiency solution for cloning your DNA.


Plasmid purification selection guide

Plasmid Isolation

Choose from our wide range of high-performing, cost-effective plasmid purification technologies.

PureLink Plasmid Purification

Learn more about our two purification technologies to isolate transfection-grade plasmid DNA.


Sample analysis selection guide

DNA Electrophoresis

Find products to identify, quantify, and purify nucleic acid fragments.

E-Gel Electrophoresis System

Sensitive, scalable DNA purification products to maximize efficiency.


Cloning Support Center

Find tips, troubleshooting help, and resources for your cloning applications.

Cloning Services

We offer everything from custom vector design to high-throughput protein expression.

Molecular Cloning Education

Learn about the foundations of recombinant DNA technology.

Bacterial Transformation and Competent Cell Education

Find educational resources available for bacterial transformation–covering the basics, workflow, considerations, competent cell selection by applications, and troubleshooting.

Nucleic Acid Purification and Analysis Support Center

Navigate through the DNA and RNA support categories to obtain relevant technical information, view tips and tricks when starting an experiment, and find answers to everyday problems.


Molecular Cloning Webinars