Global Regulators' FAQs on CMC in IND/BLA Filing

Hear from our experts: A retrospective look at past Mycoplasma validation queries and responses

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Innovations in viral vector development, scale up and production

Watch this educational webinar and learn how recent innovation can help you to significantly push the boundaries of viral vectors productivity and quality. Discover how recent innovation in areas such as cells, media and transfection agents can boost and standardise your process, as illustrated by our lentiviral case study.

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Validation Guidance for Residual Host Cell DNA Testing

Watch this webinar and learn more about validation of a qPCR assay for residual host cell DNA quantitation.

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Activation and Expansion of Tregs for use in Cell Therapy

Our studies demonstrate that our new CTS Dynabeads Treg Xpander results in superior regulatory T cell (Treg) expansion with maintenance of high %FOXP3 expression after 12-14 days.

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Enabling cell therapy raw materials
Enabling cell & gene therapy raw materials standardisation

The quality of raw materials needs to be considered according to the stage of development of the cell or gene therapy.

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Microbial Risk Management

Four Strategies to Protect Your Bottom Line.

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Nunc Cell Factory equipment

Scaling up adherent cell culture can be a difficult process for many vaccine, cell therapy, gene therapy, and viral vector manufacturers. Some cells can alter their properties if they are not cultured in specific conditions.

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Optimization of a Phenol Red-Free T Cell Expansion Medium

Adoptive immunotherapy displays immense potential as an immunotherapeutic strategy for patients with advanced malignancies. Phenol red has been a mainstay in media used for the ex vivo expansion of primary T cells.

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Regulatory FAQs for gene and cell therapy
Regulatory FAQs for cell and gene therapy

This article focuses on key regulatory considerations and requirements across the cell and gene therapy raw and starting materials area.

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Bioprocessing resources

Access a targeted collection of scientific application notes, case studies, posters, white papers and more for bioprocessing:

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