Risk-reward balance
5 reasons (and more) to outsource your buffer preparation

Outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular in biomanufacturing. As a time-consuming and resource-hungry unit operation, buffer preparation is often one of the first elements targeted for consideration.

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Short term v long term
5 reasons not to outsource your buffer preparation

Whilst the popularity of outsourcing buffer preparation is increasing, it won’t always be the right choice. The opportunities offered by outsourcing are inevitably accompanied by some concerns.

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Loading efficency...
What would you do with extra skilled staff capacity?

Freeing up the time of your highly trained staff by moving them away from labour-intensive process steps, could be just the boost you need.

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Growning complexity
Handling the growing complexity in buffer preparation

The arrival of more complex biologics, such as antibody fragments, antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) and bispecifics, can increase the complexity of the biomanufacturing process requirements.

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Reducing risk
Reducing risk in buffer preparation

No choice comes without potential risk and it is up to you to decide which risks you are willing to take. But are all risks created equal?

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Buffer outsourcing wave
Should you be riding the buffer outsourcing wave?

Traditionally, manufacturers of biologics have relied on in-house production of buffers. But an increasing trend has been emerging in the industry over the last six years: outsourcing.

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Spend v save
Buffer outsourcing for cell and gene therapies?

Yes, outsourcing buffer preparation is advantageous for large-scale operations, but it also has its place in smaller processes e.g. in research or cell and gene therapy applications.

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Store your buffer or manufacture more biologic—which would you choose?

Perhaps the most well-recognised advantage of outsourcing buffer preparation is the extra facility capacity that is freed up as a result of removing your in-house capabilities.

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Buffer costs
Do you know your buffer cost-per-liter?

With a finite pool of investment capital available, outsourcing of noncore functions is likely to be top of your list to consider.

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