Discover how we can collaborate to solve your bioprocessing challenges

We understand that different forms of technical support can be useful during the different stages of your bioprocess development and design. That is why our Knowledge Culture Seminars series offer different approaches to support your current needs.

Designed to be delivered to groups from 5-50 people, with content geared towards scientists, process engineers and procurement specialists, this is an ideal opportunity to engage with our internal subject matter experts and understand how we can increase the efficiency of your process. Hear from our internal experts and engage in collaborative discussions around improving processes or industry topics from the privacy of your workplace.

Knowledge Culture Seminars offer multiple benefits for our customers:

  • A tailored agenda in which you choose the topics of greatest importance to you
  • On-site delivery to facilitate company attendance and engagement
  • An opportunity for one-to-one technical discussions and peer to peer engagement

The broad range of discussion topics we offer reflects our breadth of capabilities, covering upstream processing, downstream processing, production chemicals and sourcing, assurance of supply services and analytical and QC testing.  Please complete the form to register your interest.


Upstream services

  • Cell line and media development
  • Spent media analysis
  • Process optimization and scale-up
  • Conversion to single-use with validation support
  • Bioprocessing liquid manufacturing
  • Analytical methods, IQ/OQ/PQ, and implementation services

Downstream services

  • Custom ligand development and resin prototyping
  • Process optimization and scale-up
  • Validation and regulatory support package
  • Downstream buffer manufacturing
  • Engineering of single-use handling systems
  • Custom assay development services

Production supply chain services
Supply and order management | Material handling and logistics | Safety stock programs | Custom labeling and barcoding | Pallet transfer and container recycling | Sampling | Material QC inspection | Production materials release | Virtual consignment

Services and support plans | Customer care | Field support | Operations and training services | Practical Process Improvement (PPI)