Virtual Seminars delivered to you

Due to the current status with the COVID-19 virus outbreak, we are currently under strict guidelines to restrict travel to any sites. We thank you for your understanding in this important notification and will plan to reschedule our Knowledge Culture Events in the near future when the current situation alleviates.

At this time we will be moving our face to face seminars to a virtual platform enabling education, networking and open dialogue to continue amidst the current situation. Please connect with your local sales representative to arrange your virtual seminar day.

Our Knowledge Culture Seminars will be presented on an online platform and can be delivered to groups from 5-50+ people, with content geared towards scientists, process engineers and procurement specialists. This is an ideal opportunity to engage with our internal scientists and understand how we can increase the efficiency of your process.


The broad range of discussion topics on offer reflects our breadth of capabilities, covering upstream processing, downstream processing and manufacturing. Individual menus of discussion topics are available for different customer applications including:

  • Virus and vaccine production
  • Recombinant protein production
  • Immunoglobulin production
  • Cell therapy
Introduction and welcome
Morning session
Gibco™ CTS Cell Therapy Systems- Reagents and Instruments to support manufacture of clinical cellular products
Improved yield and scalability of viral vector manufacture through affinity purification and ion exchange chromatography
Scaling out and Automation in cell and Gene therapy manufacture: Thermo Fisher Bench top and Single use bioreactors
Afternoon session
Break for exhibition and lunch
Outsourcing your media and buffer requirements
Closing the process for Adherent cells: Open Architecture approach for configured Cell Factory and flexible bag systems
Rapid analytical testing for product safety, and purity: recent examples
Closing sessions and questions