Affymetrix biobanking solutions

Extract the most value from your samples

Your samples are precious. You can't afford poor quality data, especially from challenging samples. Achieve superior data with every experiment.

Whether you are analyzing DNA, RNA, or protein, Affymetrix has the right tool for the job to maximize the value of your samples.


Skip the extraction and save time

No RNA extraction - Quantitate 80 gene targets in a single well
QuantiGene® Plex Assays

No DNA extraction - Run PCR directly from original sample
VersaTaq™ Direct PCR Polymerase


Generate data you can bank on

Genotyping arrays specifically designed for biobanks, optimized with pharmacogenomics content
Axiom® Biobank Genotyping Solution


Master challenging samples–it's in the bag

Multi-omics data from FFPE

Co-analyze DNA copy number and gene expression data
OncoScan® FFPE Assay Kit
Clariom™ D Pico Assay

Visualize your RNA in situ in 24 hours
ViewRNA® Assays

Quantitate 80 gene targets with Luminex® bead-based assays
QuantiGene® Plex Assays


Big insights from limited samples

Perform whole-transcriptome profiling from 10 cells
Clariom™ D Pico Assay

Detect 50–60 protein analytes from 25 µl serum/plasma or 50 µl cell culture supernatant
ProcartaPlex® Multiplex Immunoassays