In 2008, the Invitrogen Countess Automated Cell Counter was launched and became almost instantly famous for saving researchers from the tedious task of manual cell counting. Later in 2014, high-performance Invitrogen Countess II and Countess II FL Automated Cell Counters were launched, which were equipped with advanced autofocusing and image processing algorithms, enabling researchers to count cells accurately and faster, while minimizing user-to-user, sample-to-sample, and slide-to-slide variabilities associated with manual counting. The updated Countess II FL Automated Cell Counter with additional detection methods has been the state-of-the-art model with superior capabilities to address various research needs of customers. Here, we introduce the top 10 reasons behind choosing Countess II and Countess II FL Automated Cell Counters.

Top 10 reasons to choose Countess II instruments
Gating cells in real time.
Reusable slide is available.
More than just a brightfield system.
Cell viability assessment is more accurate.
Built-in dilution calculator makes your life easier.
Apoptosis and viability, in one count.
Transfection efficiency and viability, in one count.
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Cell counting efficiency

Researcher spotlight—game-changing efficiency in cell counting

Our Life in the Lab journal features yet another customer who is thankful for the Invitrogen Countess II Automated Cell Counter. According to Dr. Brian Wong at the Washington University School of Medicine, "A reality of science is how to effectively manage resources, finances, and time to produce high-quality work. I am constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency; that is why I chose the Countess II device."

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