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You're a researcher. You take the road less traveled. Along the way, you may encounter roadblocks or detours, but you don't let them stop you—because you're determined to discover new ways of understanding the world. Problem-solving is in your blood. That's why Thermo Fisher Scientific has designed Invitrogen™ immunoassay products—to provide you with the innovative tools you need at every stage of your research journey.

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Milestones in the advancement of Invitrogen tools supporting protein quantitation

First use of BCA protein assays for protein quantitation
Manufacture of the first commercially available ELISA kits

Whatever road your research takes,
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For over 32 years, we've provided antibody-based, target-specific protein quantitation tools for life science research.

Enabling the parallel analysis of cellular, protein, and genetic processes, our comprehensive and flexible portfolio of products and services includes the reliable reagents, kits, panels, and support you need for target-specific protein quantitation in the fields of immunology, inflammation, neuroscience, stem cell research, cancer, cell biology, and more.

Our broad portfolio of Invitrogen™ immunoassay kits covers:

Milestones in our support of protein quantitation (continued)

Introduction of Thermo Scientific SuperSignal chemiluminescent substrates, for enhanced signal and sensitivity
Beginning of certified partnership to provide researchers with a comprehensive offering of multiplex products for the Luminex® platform

A comprehensive portfolio of innovative products
for target-specific protein quantitation

We offer a wide range of Invitrogen immunoassay products, including high-sensitivity assays; ELISA kits optimized for convenient and sensitive quantitation of a wide range of targets; multiplex assays that enable simultaneous measurement of multiple proteins per well; and reliable, prematched antibody pair kits for enhanced ease of use and cost savings.

Milestones in our support of protein quantitation (continued)

Introduction of Invitrogen Instant ELISA technology, a streamlined ELISA system offering maximum accuracy, reproducibility, and time savings
Introduction of the Invitrogen QuantiGene singleplex and QuantiGene Plex assays, for robust and accurate RNA measurement

A quick tour of our portfolio

Nearly2,000 quality ready-to-use ELISA kits covering over 1,000 protein targets
  • Referenced in over 3,000 publications
  • Flexible portfolio of products-including build-it-yourself ELISAs, coated ELISA kits, and uncoated ELISA kits
  • Thoroughly validated to meet the high standards you expect from Invitrogen™ products
  • Manufactured with stringent quality controls and a high correlation across the portfolio of immunoassays to enable excellent quality, reproducibility, and consistency of results
Quality ProcartaPlex multiplex protein assays for the Luminex® platform—more than 50 premixed panels available for immediate delivery
  • Flexibility—add to existing panels or build your own panels; run up to 65 targets simultaneously from our ready-to-use panels or up to 80 targets from our custom panel services
  • Time and cost savings—rapid profiling of multiple proteins in a single well can save 250 hours or more in just one experiment when using a large multiplex panel
  • High correlation—both across panel sizes and with coated ELISA kits (R2 > 0.9), enables researchers to confidently compare data between experiments
  • More than 16 years of experience—developing assays for the Luminex® platform, providing a comprehensive offering of multiplex reagents and instruments to researchers
Invitrogen™ ProQuantum™ high-sensitivity immunoassays, the new generation in protein quantitation
  • Small sample consumption—use 2–5 μL of sample; for example, use 2 μL vs. 150 μL with other methods
  • Fast, easy workflow—no wash steps, and only 2 hours from sample to answer
  • Broad dynamic range—5 logarithmic units or greater helps minimize sample dilutions to help ensure falling within the range
  • No proprietary instrument to purchase—runs on any real-time PCR instrument

Milestones in our support of protein quantitation (continued)

Introduction of Invitrogen Immune Monitoring 65-Plex Human ProcartaPlex Panel, the largest commercially available screening panel
Introduction of Invitrogen™ ProQuantum™ high-sensitivity immunoassays, for higher-sensitivity quantitation from limited samples

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