A growing menu of targeted sequencing assays for actionable insights in 2 days from one tube of blood

Ion Torrent Oncomine Cell-Free Nucleic Acid (cfNA) Research Assays are highly sensitive, multibiomarker next-generation sequencing (NGS) assays that enable molecular insight into tumor evolution and detection of primary driver and resistance mutations. Requiring only one tube of blood, the high specificity of our assays provides confidence in your results, while the high sensitivity enables a limit of detection down to 0.1% with only 20 ng of sample input. Each assay's gene content is carefully curated and identified, with input on key mutations from the OncoNetwork consortium and other clinical researchers around the world.

Based on multiplex PCR, our proprietary technology together with Ion Torrent sequencing enable researchers to develop tests that may impact treatment selection, treatment monitoring, and recurrence monitoring in the future.  With our rapidly growing menu of targeted assays, and a quick 2-day turnaround to go from blood sample to variant data, let us help you start your journey.

Our growing menu of liquid biopsy assays
liquid biopsy assays
Our 2-day liquid biopsy workflow takes you from blood sample to variant data
Ion Torrent Oncomine 2-day liquid biopsy NGS workflow.