Krishna Vattem, PhD

Presented by Krishna Vattem, PhD

Senior R&D Scientist, Protein and Cell Analysis, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Lateral flow assays (LFAs) are rapid, sensitive, and easy-to-use immunoassays for detecting specific target proteins in vitro. Although the LFA format is extremely popular in point-of-care diagnostic tests (i.e., pregnancy tests), to-date its use in basic research laboratories is not widespread. Here we present the Thermo Scientific Pro-Detect Rapid Assay, an LFA designed for research workflows that can be used for rapid monitoring of expressed recombinant proteins and rapid identification of antibody isotypes. The Pro-Detect Rapid Assay is an alternative to western blotting and ELISA formats that require significantly more time for sample processing as well as additional instrumentation. The rapid qualitative (yes/no) determination of this LFA will also help address key pain points in cell culture and protein expression workflows.