Get the best of both worlds

Save on a digital PCR system when you trade in your qPCR instrument for a QuantStudio real-time PCR system

Get a great deal on a new digital PCR (dPCR) instrument while maximizing your qPCR investment when you trade in any qualifying qPCR instrument (including instruments from other companies). Find out the value of your current qPCR instrument and what it’s worth toward a new QuantStudio™ real-time PCR system, and take advantage of significant savings on a digital PCR system to expand your capabilities.*

Flexibility. Versatility. Connectivity. Speed. Precision.
Trade in your current qPCR instrument for increased performance and accelerated productivity. Get a new QuantStudio real-time PCR system from the brand you know and trust, along with a discount on a digital PCR system. Now you can have both a QuantStudio qPCR system and a dPCR system for less than the cost of one droplet-based digital PCR system.

When your gene quantification requires the next level of precision and absolute quantification, get the best of both worlds with qPCR and dPCR technologies:

  • Use qPCR when you need wide dynamic range and routine quantification quickly and affordably
  • Use dPCR when you need precise quantification for applications such as copy number or rare-variant analysis


Digital PCR vs. real-time PCR

As a researcher, you’ve been given many choices in terms of tools and techniques. And for some who are intimately familiar with real-time PCR, you are probably hearing about digital PCR and its emerging applications. So the question is, when do you use one or the other or both.

Real-time PCR—alternately called quantitative polymerase chain reaction or qPCR—is one of the most powerful and sensitive gene analysis techniques, and is used for a broad range of applications. Digital PCR is the next generation of PCR technology involving absolute quantitation of nucleic acid target sequences. As digital PCR gains clout among researchers, many interested scientists ask “When should I choose digital PCR over real-time PCR?”

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