For long-term sample viability, choose the company that stands the test of time.

The legacy of your work is forever supported by ours.

When you store your samples in a -80ºC freezer, you need to know that they are safe for a week, a month, a year or even a decade. With a time-tested heritage in laboratory storage, bio-banking and cell therapy, Thermo Fisher Scientific provides the peace of mind that your work will last.

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Industry Best Warranty

2 years parts and labor

2 years parts and labor


12 years compressor parts

12 years compressor parts


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Sample security without sacrifice in a
sustainable way

The complete TSX Series family is ENERGY STAR certified.
  • 18x models

  • 4 sizes

  • 3 voltages

We are committed to offering sustainable solutions for your cold storage needs.

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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Thermo Scientific TSX Series ultra-low temperature freezers are 25-42% more energy efficient compared to conventional-refrigerant freezer models.

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See the comparison

Comparison of energy usage between TSX Series freezers and conventional freezers during operation at -80°C over a 24 hour run time.

TSX40086DEppendorf F570
Power usage
0.33 kW0.48 kW
Energy Usage
7.9 kWh11.5 kWh
TSX40086D users saw a 31% reduction in energy use
TSX60086DEppendorf F570
Power usage
0.36 kW0.48 kW
Energy Usage
8.7 kWh11.5 kWh
TSX60086D users saw a 25% reduction in energy use

* Data for competitive models is from published specifications as of July 2017

TSX40086DPanasonic MDF-U56VC
Power usage
0.33 kW0.58 KW
Energy Usage
7.9 kWh12.48 kWh
TSX40086D users saw a 37% reduction in energy use
TSX60086DPanasonic MDF-U76VC
Power usage
0.36 kW0.58 kW
Energy Usage
8.7 kWh15.12 kWh
TSX60086D users saw a 42% reduction in energy use

Fastest door opening recovery on the market


TSX spends ~40% less time at warm temperatures—even with more door openings


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Revco™ RLE Series Ultra-Low Freezers

V-drive technology

Adaptive control of the V‑drive quickly and efficiently restores set point even during multiple door openings in a busy lab.

V-drive technology chart
Variable Speed Compressors (V-Drive) change speed in response to activity instead of cycling on and off like standard, single-speed compressors.