Use Thermo Scientific™ Micro Studio™ Image Analysis Software to generate quantitative data from images captured on the EVOS™ FL Auto 2 Imaging System. Automated image analysis using Micro Studio Image Analysis Software provides robust and reproducible results in an integrated workflow without exporting your data to external analysis tools.

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Robust performance

With all-in-one image and data analysis and visualization, you can easily collect cell, field, and plate/slide/flask level data for quantitative analysis. Quickly generate cell counts and intensity, area, and shape measurements using the EVOS FL Auto 2 Imaging System.

  • Segment cells or objects easily without cumbersome overlays to save and apply
  • Reduce the need to collate data by quickly visualizing single cell, field, and group data
  • Link your quantitative data with the individual cell image for quality assurance
  • Increase data integrity with the ability to use, save, and re-use powerful analysis algorithms

Building on the popular Thermo Scientific™ HCS Studio™ Cell Analysis Software, Micro Studio Image Analysis Software uses proven, published methods to reliably identify and measure cell features. Linking the individual cell data with the cell image provides the detail you need to better understand the cell phenotype both visually and quantitatively.

Figure 1. Link quantitative data with individual cell images.

Reliable data

With the ability to save and re-use analysis parameters, you avoid having to set up your analysis manually each time and reduce the likelihood of errors that can occur between different analysis sessions and different users. Use Micro Studio Image Analysis Software on your EVOS FL Auto 2.0 or purchase additional licenses so you can re-visit your images to extract data at a later time when you are away from the microscope.