Stop the madness of manual cell counting

See how these scientists convinced their lab to get an automated cell counter

Scientists who are tired of counting cells manually can be very creative. The prospect of having an automated cell counter like the Invitrogen Countess II FL Automated Cell Counter was incentive for some scientists to do anything to convince their lab to get one. Check out the videos of their desperate pleas for a Countess cell counter so they could discard their clickers and alleviate the stress of manual cell counting.

Featured video

Other scientists who made their pleas

Don’t let manual cell counting bring you down any longer. Use the five steps below to convince your lab to get a Countess II or II FL Automated Cell Counter

  1. Download and circulate petition
  2. Download and customize prewritten letter
  3. Download application note comparing automated and
    manual counting
  4. Submit request to PI or lab manager
  5. Ditch your clicker and celebrate
Countess II
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