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Frequently Asked Questions

Our simplified checkout is shorter, provides a summary of key information, and is easier to read. Our B2B ordering process lets you return your cart in just three steps: Cart Review, Review Order and Return Cart. Ordering your favorite Life Technologies products is as easy as 1-2-3!

You'll now be able to reference your promo or sales quote in one field when checking out. Additionally, you'll see the promo or quote price applied to the SKUs in your cart at the time of checkout.

Our product description pages give you quick access to more product information at a glance, including support documents and MSDS information in a variety of languages. Additionally, we added customer ratings, product shots, and the ability to view different sizes of the product on the same page.

We've enhanced our navigation at the top of the website. This will help you find the products and information you need faster.

In the Technical Resource section you'll find our protocols, manuals, citations, and other key technical documents. We've added thousands of FAQs to help you find the information you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I deal with my specific B2B interface? Is there anything I need to do differently right now?
    No. Please continue to do business as usual. We’ll work directly with you on changes, as necessary.
  2. Should my system (SciQuest, Ariba) still list Invitrogen as a company?
    Yes. Your system should still list Invitrogen as the company name; no changes are required for now. We’ll work with you directly to make the changes necessary in your system to represent Life Technologies in the next few months.
  3. For web/Ariba PunchOut orders, will anything change, i.e. links, my favorites list, friendly URLs, etc.?
    Nothing is changing in regards to your orders via the web or PunchOut. All your favorites and account information will be retained in the system. You’ll notice a new look and feel and an improved checkout experience.
  4. Are there any changes to products in my hosted or PunchOut catalog?
    No. The product content in your hosted or PunchOut catalog will remain the same. If you have an Applied Biosystems connection, Applied Biosystems products will be added to your hosted and/or PunchOut catalog once we transfer that connection into the Invitrogen/Life experience. Until then, please continue to use the Applied Biosystems B2B connection to purchase those products.
  5. How do I combine Applied Biosystems and Invitrogen on my procurement system (SciQuest, Ariba, SAP, etc)?
    Please do not combine the Applied Biosystems and Invitrogen B2B connections at this time. We’ll notify you in advance once we are ready to transfer your Applied Biosystems B2B connection and will provide instructions on the process. At that time, we’ll help prepare you for the migration and deactivation of the Applied Biosystems B2B connection. Until then, no action is required.
  6. How will I know if I need to reconfigure anything?
    Your Applied Biosystems or Invitrogen B2B business contact will work with you to incorporate any changes to the B2B connection.