Frequently Asked Questions

Your Settings

Your Supply Center options are now available under the "Supply Center" button in the top navigation bar. Click "Supply Center" to change your Supply Center location, add new Supply Centers, set your Start Page, or to return to the SCMS home page.

Shopping Cart

Your shopping cart is available at the top of the page. Click the 'my cart' button and when you're ready to place your order, click the checkout button in the mini cart or the checkout button located on the SCMS home page.

Simplified Ordering

Check out in three simple steps:

  1. Enter payment information
  2. Review your order
  3. Order confirmation

With one click you can print or save a PDF copy of your order. Note that the top navigation will let you know whether you’re ordering from the Supply Center or shipping directly to your lab (if non-stocked ordering is enabled).

Ordering Non-Stocked Items (Varies by Supply Center)

You can order non-stocked items from the entire Life Technologies online catalog — no product is off-limits. Simply use the "Non-Stocked" button in the center of the page or scroll to the bottom to see your non-stocked shipping options.

More Products

Supply Centers with non-stocked purchasing enabled will have access to our new TaqMan® Assay and Genomic Product Search tool. This provides a quick and easy way to search our 8 million TaqMan® Assays and siRNA products.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1) How will my Supply Center Management System (SCMS) change on the new Life Technologies website?
    First, you'll notice a new look and feel to the website. You won't need to do anything other than log in as you do now. You'll notice a few small changes:
    • The Supply Center options are now placed in the top navigation.
    • The checkout is simplified to 3 steps.
    • You'll have access to more products from the combination of the Applied Biosystems and Invitrogen websites. This will give you the ability to stock and order more products through your Life Technologies Supply Center.
  2. My SCMS site was recently updated and it's changing again. Why?
    Your SCMS site was updated earlier this year to support the online capabilities required to combine and This was the first step toward allowing more opportunities for SCMS customers to browse the online catalog.
  3. When will the changes occur?
    You'll see the changes beginning early November 2011. Please contact Life Technologies for more details.
  4. I order from an Applied Biosystems® on-site program. How will this change affect ordering Applied Biosystems® products? When will I be able to order from
    You can still order Applied Biosystems® products like you do today. Your Life Technologies account representative will work with you on the details of transferring your Applied Biosystems account to Life Technologies. If you have immediate questions, don't hesitate to contact your representative or our Life Technologies Supply Center Customer Service.