The thermal cycler with ultimate flexibility and throughput

The Applied Biosystems ProFlex PCR System combines the reliability and performance you’ve come to expect from Applied Biosystems thermal cyclers with the flexible configuration and control features that fit how you work today and tomorrow. Interchangeable block formats allow you to maximize your throughput or run independent experiments concurrently.

Explore products across the PCR workflow:

  • PCR products 
    Introducing a full menu of PCR products including upstream and downstream applications for all of your research needs.
  • Applied Biosystems PCR and qPCR plastics
    Choose from multiple formats, colors and custom options for plates, tubes, tube strips, sealing options and accessories.
  • PCR Enzymes and Master mixes
    Choose from a variety of enzyme application types, formats, buffers, and dNTP solutions depending on the flexibility needed to perform your experiments.
  • Invitrogen Reverse Transcriptases
    High-quality products for first-strand cDNA synthesis. Choose from a variety of reverse transcription enzymes, formats, primers, and dNTP solutions that work best for your application.
  • Invitrogen Electrophoresis
    Find everything you need for dependable, accurate performance in your pre-cast or pour your own agarose gel electrophoresis experiments.
  • Invitrogen Oligos
    Select oligos made to your specifications, with rigorous quality control, and quick turnaround for use in a variety of applications.
  • Education: Invitrogen School of Molecular Biology
    Learn more about Molecular Biology and PCR across many applications. Find product guides, FAQs and more.