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NGS Solutions
Next-Generation Sequencing
Ion Torrent™
Oncomine™ Focus Assay

Concurrent analysis of single nucleotide variants, indels, copy number variants, and gene fusions

The Oncomine™ Focus Assay allows concurrent analysis of DNA and RNA, enabling sequencing of 52 genes: 35 genes with hotspot mutations, 35 genes, 19 genes associated with copy number gain and 23 fusion genes, all in a single workflow using the Ion PGM™ System. The assay also leverages Ion AmpliSeq™ technology’s low DNA and RNA sample input requirements from FFPE tissue (as little as 10ng extracted nucleic acid per reaction for a total of as little as 20ng per sample) to enable accurate and reliable sequence analysis across a large range of tumor sample types, including FFPE and retrospective samples.

  • Designed for translational and clinical research, this panel includes 52 solid tumor genes that are associated with current oncology drugs and published evidence
  • Analysis of hotspots, CNVs, indels, SNVs, and gene fusions from DNA and RNA in a single workflow for RNA and DNA
  • Gene selection informed by the Oncomine™ Knowledgebase—the world’s largest collection of cancer oncology data
  • Simple workflow enables 6 samples/chip and favorable economics for detection of relevant genes
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Ion Torrent™
Ion Chef™ System

Minimize hands-on time with the Ion Chef™ System for template prep

The Ion Chef™ System simplifies the sequencing workflow and provides flexibility for any project type and size by supporting all Ion semiconductor chips and template preparation methods for a broad range of DNA and RNA libraries. With minimal hands-on time, walk-away automation, and up to two sequencing-ready chips per run, the Ion Chef™ System not only helps save time and labor, but also enables overnight runs to help maximize your lab’s productivity.

  • Simple—enables walk-away automation of template preparation and chip loading in a single system for both the Ion PGM™ and Ion Proton™ systems
  • Reproducible—automated workflow and on-board sample and reagent tracking system help reduce user-introduced variability
  • Efficient—helps save time and labor with just 15 minutes of hands-on time for setup, and loads up to two Ion semiconductor sequencing chips per run
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Ion Torrent™
Ion PGM™ System

Ion PGM™ System enables a simple and fast workflow for targeted sequencing

The Ion PGM™ System, coupled with Ion AmpliSeq™ technology and Ion Reporter™ Software, provides a complete end-to-end solution for researchers, from base calls to variants, and from low-input and degraded sample types such as FFPE tissue.

  • Powerful next-generation sequencing technology to get answers faster—as part of a single-day workflow from input DNA to variant calls
  • Offers a range of fast and simple library solutions and kits with low sample input requirements for multiple research applications such as gene panel sequencing and RNA sequencing
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Ion Torrent™
Oncomine™ Cancer Research Panels

Powerful molecular testing across the drug development continuum

Oncomine™ Cancer Research Panels are based on the proven Ion Torrent™ next-generation sequencing platform and powerful Ion AmpliSeq™ library preparation technology. These assays leverage the Oncomine™ Knowledgebase, a rich cancer genomics data resource, for target selection, variant calling, and data annotations. Features include:

  • Minimal sample input required per run—making it well suited for analysis of precious tumor samples
  • Well-referenced hotspot mutations, CNVs, gene fusions, and indels are targeted, generating data for hundreds of important biomarkers in a single run
  • Easy-to-perform workflow with fast turnaround time—helping you get your NGS data easily and quickly
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Ion Torrent™
Ion AmpliSeq™ Transcriptome Human Gene Expression Kit

Achieve cost-effective transcriptome sequencing from precious FFPE samples

Transform your research by targeting >20,000 RefSeq transcripts, starting with as little as 10 ng RNA input and a fast, FFPE-compatible workflow using the Ion AmpliSeq™ Transcriptome Human Gene Expression Kit and the Ion Proton™ System.

  • Perform gene-level expression surveys with about 1 hour of hands-on time for library preparation, and go from RNA to gene expression levels in less than 2 days
  • Utilize existing downstream microarray or next-generation sequencing (NGS) pipelines for simple, automated gene-level differential expression data analysis
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Ion Torrent™
Ion AmpliSeq™ Technology

Ion AmpliSeq™ technology delivers simple and fast library construction

Ion AmpliSeq™ technology delivers simple and fast library construction for affordable targeted sequencing of specific genes or genomic regions. Based on ultrahigh-multiplex PCR, Ion AmpliSeq™ technology requires as little as 10 ng of input DNA or RNA to target sets of genes, enabling sequencing of FFPE samples. Choose from among a wide variety of ready-to-use, custom, and community Ion AmpliSeq™ panels to transform your cancer research using FFPE tissue samples.

  • Single-day workflow from DNA to results
  • Scalable to your research needs—up to 6,144 primers per pool; one to hundreds of genes; 96 barcodes for multiplexing
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Ion Torrent™
Ion Reporter™ Software

Accelerate time-to-results with Ion Reporter™ Software

Accelerate your time-to-results with optimized and automatable workflows for Ion AmpliSeq™ Targeted Gene Panels, and go from sample to meaningful variants in a single day. Simple results filtering with annotations from >20 public databases makes it easy to focus on the variants important to you. Ion Reporter™ Software provides an optimized suite of simple data analysis tools that streamline Ion PGM™ and Ion Proton™ system data analysis, so you can focus on finding the biological meaning of your data.

  • Simple—straightforward data analysis with easy-to-use preconfigured and customizable workflows provides flexibility for users of any experience level
  • Streamlined—quickly focus on your variants of interest, then save your filter settings for standardized workflows
  • Secure—analyze and securely share data in the cloud, or analyze and store data on-site
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Peripheral Monitoring Research
Ion Torrent™
LiquidBiopsy™ Platform

Automate peripheral monitoring research using CTCs and cfDNA

The LiquidBiopsy™ Platform simplifies the isolation, enumeration, and molecular analysis of rare cells to enable analysis of CTC, cfDNA, and germline nucleic acids from one whole-blood sample. Achieving high target cell recovery and exceptional purity, the platform enables downstream molecular characterization of rare cells using next-generation sequencing (NGS). The LiquidBiopsy™ Platform:

  • Offers a comprehensive, cost-effective sample-to-sequence workflow
  • Is uniquely suited to low-input DNA sequencing without the need for whole-genome amplification
  • Enables highly multiplexed analyses
  • Achieves 1% limit of detection, critical to CTC research
  • Enables rapid turnaround time: sample-to-sequence workflow typically completed in 2 days
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Real-Time and Digital PCR
Applied Biosystems™
QuantStudio® 3 and QuantStudio® 5 Real-Time PCR systems

Real-time PCR systems designed around easy access and data sharing

The new QuantStudio® 3 and QuantStudio® 5 Real-time PCR systems are the first real-time PCR systems enabling collaboration anywhere, anytime when used with the Thermo Fisher Cloud. Easily store, retrieve, and share data using the QuantStudio® 3 and 5 systems integrated with a powerful cloud platform—Thermo Fisher Cloud. With an interactive instrument touchscreen for when you’re in the lab, and remote- monitoring when you’re not, QuantStudio® 3 and 5 take real-time PCR to places you never thought possible.

  • Flexible instrument control and data management—choose from a completely standalone instrument or co-locate with a PC or Mac laptop computer and Thermo Fisher Cloud
  • Access experiment runs from any location, anytime—has WiFi connectivity and is enabled for remote monitoring using through the Thermo Fisher Cloud
  • Easy and fast on-the-fly analysis—use portable devices like tablets to quickly analyze data when you need it through the Thermo Fisher Cloud
  • Analyze sophisticated data sets in minutes—uses Applied Biosystems™ qPCR analysis modules for advanced analysis functionality and integrated analysis of multiple data sets online
  • Securely share data sets and protocols online—collaborate with colleagues across the campus and around the world in a secure cloud environment
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Applied Biosystems™
QuantStudio™ Quantitative PCR (qPCR) Systems

Flexibility. Versatility. Speed. Precision.

The QuantStudio™ qPCR product portfolio is designed to meet your research needs, whether you need flexibility, versatility, maximum productivity, or absolute quantification. The QuantStudio™ qPCR product line includes real-time and digital PCR systems and supports many key application, including:

  • Gene expression, miRNA profiling, SNP genotyping, copy number variation
  • Protein thermal shift
  • High resolution melt
  • Pathogen detection
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Molecular standards and absolute quantification
  • And more
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Applied Biosystems™
QuantStudio™ 3D Rare Mutation Analysis Solution

Quantify rare mutations at a prevalence as low as 0.1%

The QuantStudio™ 3D rare mutation analysis solution includes a subset of wet–lab validated TaqMan™ SNP Genotyping Assays to detect and quantify the most common cancer-related mutations. These assays were designed using the full bioinformatics power of the TaqMan™ Assay design pipeline and were validated specifically for the QuantStudio™ 3D Digital PCR System. Together, they offer researchers the ability to achieve the high performance required to detect and quantify mutations present at very low frequencies.

  • Optimized digital PCR performance—wet lab–validated TaqMan™ Assays targeting 60 somatic mutations for the QuantStudio™ 3D Digital PCR System
  • High sensitivity—detect and quantify rare mutant prevalence as low as 0.1%
  • Cost-effective and convenient—single-tube format includes both wild type and mutant alleles with small and large reaction options
  • Streamlined analysis—advanced algorithms for better quantification of rare mutations
  • Guaranteed performance—wet lab–validated assay replaced or account credited if the assay does not perform to the standards of the guarantee**

**Terms and conditions apply. For complete details, click here.

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Applied Biosystems™
Analysis Modules

Fast and powerful data analysis for your genomics platforms

Combine hundreds of qPCR and sequencing experiments into a project and analyze the data within minutes using this cloud-based data analysis application.
  • Leverages cloud-based technology to offer superb performance for secondary data analysis from any computer
  • Fast and powerful analysis—up to 10 times faster than the desktop version of our software
  • Enables integrated, streamlined workflows to analyze data in one place
  • Provides expanded flexibility from previous software versions for data analysis and quality control
  • Superior security—data protected in a highly secure environment
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Cell Culture and Cell Counting
Lipofectamine™3000 Transfection Reagent

Up to 10-fold higher transfection efficiency into difficult cells

Lipofectamine™ 3000 Transfection Reagent leverages our most advanced lipid nanoparticle technology to enable superior transfection performance, improved application outcomes and reproducible results. This reagent offers superior transfection efficiency and improved cell viability for the widest range of hard-to-transfect and common cells (e.g., HEK293, HeLa).

Successfully transfect the widest variety of hard to transfect, biologically relevant cell types with a reagent that offers:

  • Superior performance—our highest efficiency reagent for difficult-to-transfect cells
  • Improved cell viability—gentle on your cells, with low toxicity
  • Versatile—one reagent for DNA, RNA, and co-transfection
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Countess™ II FL Automated Cell Counter

Enabling rapid assessment of cancer cells

With advanced autofocusing and counting algorithms, you can quickly and accurately count cells, monitor fluorescent protein expression, and measure cell viability—in as little as 10 seconds. The Countess™ II works with a reusable slide to help significantly reduce long-term consumable costs of automated counting, making it affordable for most lab budgets.

  • Flexibility—choose the fluorescence filters for your application
  • Value—reusable counting slide helps reduce consumable costs
  • Precision—autofocus to help improve accuracy and reduce variability
  • Simplicity—easy-to-use touch screen interface
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TrypLE™ Express Reagents

The superior replacement for trypsin

Use TrypLE™ Express cell culture reagent to limit the degradation of the cell surface proteins used to phenotype your cancer cells.

  • Gentle on cell surface proteins
  • Available when you need it—no need to freeze/thaw
  • Stable at room temperature
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Thermo Scientific™
Nunclon™ Sphera™ Products

Grow cancer spheroid cultures with ease and consistency

Nunclon™ Sphera™ products outperform non-treated surfaces for cancer spheroid cultures while consistently and repeatedly generating favorable numbers of cancer spheroids for studying tumor cell progression and efficacy of anticancer agents in vitro.

  • Support consistent formation of cancer spheroids
  • Ultralow-binding surface available in flasks, dishes, and 96-well plates
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Thermo Scientific™
Nunc™ Edge™ Plate

Take your cell-based assays to the edge

The one-of-a-kind design of Nunc™ Edge™ Plates combats edge effect and enables use of all 96 wells during long-term incubation. Enabling improved consistency in assay models for in vitro research, the unique design of the Edge™ Plate helps increase output per plate by more than 37% while maintaining cell health and viability in all wells.

  • Evaporation moat prohibits edge effect
  • Gain full capacity of your plate with consistent cell viability in all 96 wells
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Cancer Cell Analysis
EVOS™ FL Auto Imaging System

Powerful. Brilliant. Flexible. Intuitive.

The EVOS™ FL Auto Imaging System and EVOS™ Onstage Incubator operate as one fully integrated unit, for an exceptional live-cell imaging experience. Together, they enable live-cell imaging, area scanning, image stitching, and time-lapse imaging with a simple touch of the monitor.

  • Fully integrated environmental chamber for live-cell time-lapse imaging
  • Precise—maintain physiological or hypoxic conditions
  • Intuitive—set all acquisition parameters from the EVOS™ FL Auto interface
  • Small footprint, robust build and workflow-enhancing design elements
  • Choice from a range of vessel holders
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Thermo Scientific™
CellInsight™ CX5 High Content Screening Platform

Excelling in research with high content analysis

The Thermo Scientific™ CellInsight™ CX5 High Content Screening (HCS) Platform is a fast, simple-to-operate, automated cellular imaging and analysis benchtop platform designed for quantitative microscopy.

  • Easy to use—quickly build and optimize image-based assays with included Thermo Scientific™ HCS Studio™ Cell Analysis Software
  • Flexible—designed to work with or without fluorescent labeling: the CellInsight CX5 HCS Platform can use transmitted light, as well as fluorescence, to allow users to focus on visible and/or fluorescent targets
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Attune™ NxT Acoustic Focusing Cytometer

Pioneer new breakthroughs in rare-event detection

Designed to give cancer researchers the precision and sensitivity needed to better identify rare circulating tumor cells or detect subtle aberrant changes in cell cycle.

  • Modular design
  • Fast detection speed
  • Distinctive acquisition and analysis software
  • Convenient size
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Protein Biomarker Detection
Invitrogen™, Thermo Scientific™
Mini Gels and Pierce™ Power Stainer

Save time with a comprehensive western workflow for protein separation, transfer, and detection

The combination of Bolt™ gels and the Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Power Stainer enables you to load twice the amount of sample and obtain protein separation results in as little as 10 minutes, versus the 4–12 hours using manual methods. Additionally, iBind™ and Thermo Scientific™ SuperSignal™ substrates help you save precious primary antibodies and hands-on processing time, all with better sensitivity than manual methods.

  • Wedge well helps to enable superior resolution
  • Longer shelf-life with the convenience of ambient storage
  • Mini Gel Tank versatility—one tank, now compatible with 181 of your favorite NuPAGE™, Bolt™, and Novex™ mini gels
  • Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Power Stainer: high-quality protein staining with low background in about 10 minutes
  • Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Power Blotter: high-quality transfer of 100–300 kDa proteins in about 10 minutes
  • SuperSignal™ detection substrates: excellent performance with longer light emission and stronger signal intensity than other luminol-based detection systems
  • iBind™ system: automated device for blot processing
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Sample Preparation and Detection
Thermo Scientific™
KingFisher™ Duo Prime

Isolation applications that process virtually any sample from any source

The Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ Duo delivers advanced functionality in a compact, mid-throughput capacity instrument for isolation applications to help get results more efficiently. Enabling you to reap high yields of quality nucleic acids from a variety of samples.

  • Revolutionary proprietary separation technology lets you process virtually any sample from any source for the ultimate in isolation of nucleic acids, proteins, and cells
  • Process up to 24 samples on one protocol at a time
  • New UV decontamination, barcode reader, and elution strip cover provide an enhanced user experience
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Thermo Scientific™
Multiskan™ GO Microplate Spectrophotometer

Analyze DNA, RNA, and protein samples quickly and easily, and get results you can trust

The Multiskan™ GO Microplate Spectrophotometer is a flexible, easy-to-use microplate and cuvette UV/Vis spectrophotometer for DNA, RNA and protein analysis.

  • Microplate and cuvette reading options for varying throughput requirements
  • Extensive self-diagnostics for reliable performance
  • Freely selectable wavelengths from 200 to 1,000 nm
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive onboard interface and new 4th generation Thermo Scientific™ SkanIt™ PC software provide maximum usability across a variety of applications and skill sets
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Thermo Scientific™
Varioskan™ LUX Multimode Microplate Reader

Simplified versatility for a variety of microplate assays

The Varioskan™ LUX Multimode Microplate Reader delivers, versatile functionality to researchers performing microplate assays. Automated features and smart safety controls help simplify setup and prevent user errors.

  • Five measurement technologies—flexibility for a variety of assays, multiple users, and applications. Measurement types include: absorbance (UV-Vis), fluorescence intensity, luminescence, AlphaScreen/AlphaLISA, and time-resolved fluorescence
  • Spectral scanning—allows for assay optimization, and development of multi-label assays
  • Auto-calibration and self-diagnostics support consistent performance
  • Automatic dynamic range selection—simplifies setup and helps reduce the need for test runs to confirm optimal measurement settings
  • Modularity/upgradability—pay only for the features you need now. Upgrade the instrument with additional features when you need them.
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Thermo Scientific™
Multidrop™ Combi Reagent Dispenser

Improve reproducibility and save time with precise automated dispensing

Fill plates in seconds with the reliable and easy-to-use Multidrop™ Combi Reagent Dispenser, designed to support the varied requirements of pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratories. This dispenser handles a wide selection of plates and volume ranges, and accurate dispensing and high-throughput operation enable faster results.

  • Precise dispensing over a 0.5–2,500 µL range enables reproducible results
  • Flexible—accommodates 6- to 1,536-well mircoplates
  • Easy-to-use—operate with the full-color onboard interface, or set up your own protocols with Thermo Scientific™ FILLit™ Software
  • Robot compatibility for automated systems
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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.