PD-Direct® Bioprocess Services brings together novel technologies to solve critical issues for bioproduction. PD-Direct® delivers a wide selection of process development solutions, ranging from cell line development to media optimization to process characterization and scale-up for manufacturing. The integration of impactful technologies – such as Revolution®, ClonePix™, and SimCell™ – uniquely positions PD-Direct® to customize parental cell lines, rapidly screen for high producing clones and quickly identify optimal bioreactor conditions.

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Project Solutions

Our unique array of services ranges from vector construction through medium and cell line optimization, to process characterization and scale-up for manufacturing. We can support projects across a range of biological platforms, including viruses, antibodies, recombinant proteins, and cell therapies.

Process Design
Take advantage of Invitrogen’s experience and expertise in process design.  Our highly qualified team of process consultants and scientific directors will work with you and your unique needs and challenges to design an optimized and highly productive process.

Invitrogen has the unique ability to offer a select suite of the best process development technologies from across the industry together with our in-depth knowledge to provide you with reliable process development solutions.

Resources / Network
If you need an integrated development/manufacturing solution, Invitrogen's PD-Direct® Bioprocess Services brings additional value to your programs through established partnerships with pre-qualified contract manufacturers.  This partnership approach allows Invitrogen to focus on solving your process development challenges through our technology expertise, while also bringing value through our CMO partners' strengths in cGMP manufacturing execution.  This approach gives you more choice in project timing and process options by making several different facilities available for cGMP manufacturing.  We work with each client to ensure that the right contractor is selected based on the specific requirements of your project – technical capabilities, scheduling capacity, pricing flexibility, geographical location or any combination thereof.