Benefits of Leasing

Benefits of leasing

Leasing offers many advantages for multinational corporations, start-ups or anywhere in between.
Take advantage of financing for:

  • Immediate use of the equipment
  • Fixed payments
  • Conservation of capital budget and preservation of credit
  • Flexibility
  • Refreshed technology
  • Tax and accounting benefits
  • Positive cash flow
  • Ease of growth

Financing benefits

Are you trying to get by with outdated and inefficient equipment? You can get the equipment you need now, without large capital expenditures, and forecast the cost with our financing solutions.

Standard and custom lease options

We can be very flexible in creating a finance program that meets your financial needs. Here are some of our most popular lease structures.

Fair Market Value Lease (Operating Lease)
Ranging from 12- to 60-month terms, this option offers the lowest monthly payment and addresses any concerns about equipment obsolescence by providing three choices at the end of the term: 

1) Return the equipment to us and upgrade to new technology
2) Purchase the equipment at its Fair Market Value
3) Continue to lease the equipment 

$1 Purchase Option (Capital Lease)
At the end of the lease term, you will own the equipment for an additional payment of one dollar.

Master Lease
This is a pre-approved line of credit for acquisitions made throughout the year, with a one-page schedule for each additional equipment investment.

Custom Options
We can provide customized financing options to match your budget timeframes or grant funding schedule. We can also conduct lease transactions with municipal, state, local and federal government entities.


Financial Leasing Brochure
Benefits of Financing

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