Finance and Lease Options

We offer a wide variety of financial and leasing programs. Choose the one that’s right for you and your business today:

Financial and leasing options

Deferred Payment Program 

Do you need equipment now, but your budget won’t be available for a few months? This program allows you to acquire and begin using the equipment and instrumentation you need today with no payment due for three months.  At the end of the payment deferral period you can:

  • Purchase the instrumentation/equipment for a stated amount through our fixed buyout option 
  • Finance the equipment over a period of time with payments that fit your budget

12 Months - No Interest Program  

With this program, you make 12 equal payments over a one-year period, at 0% interest. At the end of the year, you own the instrument. 

Technology Refresh Program 

Leasing analytical instrumentation over 2-3 years can be much more cost-effective than purchasing equipment outright. This program allows you to get cutting edge technology today with the added flexibility for early term upgrade options.  You can bundle service, consumables, reagents and accessories right into the lease agreement.

Emerging Credit Program  

Companies in the early stages of development need to maximize cash flow and extend financial resources.  You may have a compelling scientific concept, but face funding challenges that are delaying scientific advancements. This program offers flexible and competitive extended payment terms to help you overcome budgetary constraints and focus on your research.

All-inclusive Lease Program  

This program allows for one convenient monthly payment that includes the equipment, consumables, service agreements and financing. Ask your Thermo Fisher Scientific representative for more information on our All-inclusive Lease program.

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