Supporting Implementation, Enhancing Productivity
In the Validation Support and Training Program, our instrument, reagent, and software experts work closely with you to create custom product packages and training solutions that help you meet the validation requirements of your forensics laboratory.

Created, implemented, and supported by forensic scientists with over 100 years of combined laboratory experience, this program includes:

  • Recommended guidelines that meet or exceed all SWGDAM, ISO, and ASCLAD/LAB requirements
  • In-depth knowledge—direct from the manufacturer—of Applied Biosystems® instruments, reagents, and software
  • Access to an extensive network of Applied Biosystems™® Field Service Engineers (FSEs) for on-site instrument technical assistance
  • Reports of validation results, professionally written in scientific literature format, and electronic reports with hyperlinks for easy navigation
  • Comprehensive, hands-on training based on the validation protocol
  • VALID™ Software (as appropriate)—an innovative software program with numerous integrated tools to define, execute, and manage 5-dye STR chemistry validation projects

Offering a Wide Range of Options
We offer a standard menu of validations and performance checks that can be augmented to suit the unique needs and specifications of your laboratory. Options cover Applied Biosystems™ validated human identification instruments, software, and reagents, including:

  • 310, 3100 Series, and 3130 Series Genetic Analyzers
  • 7500 Real-Time PCR System
  • AmpFlSTR® Amplification Kits
  • Quantifiler® Quantification Kits
  • GeneMapper® ID Software

Additional custom validation or performance checks are also available. Contact for details.

Complete List of Service Options and Instruments Serviced

Supplying Comprehensive Training
The Validation Support and Training Program offers comprehensive training that includes in-depth presentations from Life Technologies scientists on the new procedure and its performance during validation. The program also provides hands-on exercises requiring forensic scientists to amplify and analyze non-probative casework samples and data using sensitivity and mixture studies.

Delivering Confidence
While each project may vary depending on your exact needs, the deliverables supplied in most Validation Support and Training Program projects will include:


Deliverable Validation Performance Check
Consultation with client to determine needs
Statement of work to define project
Detailed experimental plan
Applicable reagents and instrument consumables
Sensitivity, precision, and mixture samples optimized for validation experiments
Certification of instrument/validation with applicable NIST SRMs
Precision Study
Sensitivity Study
Mixture Study 
Accuracy Study
Reproducibility Study
Quality Test/Concordance Study
Mock/Non-Probative Casework Study 
Contamination Study 
Thorough data analysis
Validation report binder(s) and CD(s)
Consultation on experimental process and results


For additional information on this service, please contact Life Technologies at or via telephone at 800 327 3002 (toll-free in US only).

Customer has the sole responsibility to ensure that Life Technologies and/or its affiliate(s) products and services, including but not limited to validation, are adequate to meet its own regulation, certification and other requirements. Without limiting the foregoing, it is the responsibility of the customer to review the results of the validation experiments, set appropriate interpretation criteria, develop a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the laboratory, and ensure that the SOPs satisfy or will satisfy the SWGDAM Guidelines or other applicable guidelines used by the forensic community.