Keep discovery in motion with high-tech digital service technologies designed to help clear your path forward


To help prevent interruptions that can hold your science back, we take a one-step-ahead approach by continually advancing our digital service technologies. See what we’re doing to equip labs for faster training, less downtime, fewer surprises, and more confidence—because your important work can’t wait.



Our innovation pipeline

Technologies set to hit your lab within the next 5 years

Augmented reality:
Real-time digital information layered onto the world around you
Mixed reality:
Interact with 3D holograms to improve your workflows and processes
Stream your device health to our experts, effortlessly
AI knowledge base:
Access intelligent search and expert knowledge when you need it
Predictive analytics:
Proactively detect potential issues to help reduce downtime


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How we’re helping to keep science in motion



Putting customers in

Imagine becoming proficient on a new or new-to-you instrument at your own pace, in the context of your lab. We are building the new virtual experiences to take you beyond the manual.


Helping labs work at peak performance:

Proactively monitor every aspect of your instrument fleet, from daily performance to service contract status. We want to make this critical information available at your fingertips.


Equipping our support teams for the future:

Rely on a support team with the latest new technologies to help you. We plan to reach even further to empower anywhere, anytime service.

Access to our Digital Service Innovations starts with your instrument service plan or warranty.

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Science can’t wait on instrument downtime


These new technologies are being developed to better support our instruments covered by a warranty or instrument service plan. Make sure you’re covered!

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