The Supply Center Management System (SCMS) provides a web-based interface for product search, selection, and checkout. The SCMS also provides automated management of on-site inventories, including reporting features for cost center accounting.

This flexible system is designed to support your existing business rules, and can integrate with your company’s eProcurement platform for further simplification of the ordering workflow.

For researchers

Easy product selection and checkout

  • Search, filter, and sort stocked product lists and inventory levels
  • Quick, streamlined checkout, including email confirmation of orders
  • Access our catalog products and services
  • Shop from multiple Supply Center locations

For administrators

Efficient inventory management and order tracking

  • Automated order replenishment and shipment check-in for organized and timely shipments
  • Flexible payment options and customized cost-center assignments
  • Access to our catalog products and services
  • Visibility of end-user purchases using self-administered reporting tools

SCMS PunchOut

Our dedicated eSolutions Support team can assist you with the options available to integrate your Supply Center with your eProcurement (B2B) platform. This offers you the ideal solution of immediate availability, coupled with optimization of the procurement processes. For additional information, contact the eSolutions Support team.